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What Can I do to Bring My Lawn Back to Life?

Lawns are exposed to stress daily. Walking, playing, and mowing are forms of traffic that compacts the soil and puts stress on your lawn. If a lawn is continually exposed to high traffic, it can be seriously damaged. Many people think their lawn will never be the same again, but the answer is simple... Aeration!

What is Aeration?

Aeration removes small cores of soil from your lawn to allow air, moisture, and fertilizer to get down to the root zone of your lawn - where the real problem lies.

Benefits of Aeration

  • Helps control thatch buildup

  • Increses dry time of wet areas

  • Relieves compaction from high traffic areas/pet areas

  • Helps create growth pockets for the new root

  • Improves soil composition

  • Improves response to fertilization and lime

Why is Aeration Necessary?

The effects of mother nature, too much water, or too little water combined with a constant use of your yard can severely damage or kill your lawn. Aeration gives your lawn new life and allows the soil to produce the required nutrients for a healthier lawn. When combined with over-seeding, new seed can be added to the soil to replace the grass that may have already died off.

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